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Types of Challenges

Choose from different challenge options to best suit your cause or maybe just for fun!

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Hey challengers and changers of the world, share your feedback, challenges and stories with us. Every challenge has a story behind it; what is yours?

About us

We are Erman and Kevin. We started this App because it meant a lot to us and hopefully you'll feel the same way, enjoy and help a cause.

At WatchUGot we came to the conclusion that EVERYONE loves doing challenges, we see them everywhere and who doesn't like a little competition and to be able to say, "WatchUGot".

Even just watching people try a challenge you are excited to see the outcome. We also realized that because we have such a great time doing them why not try to bring in an important cause while we’re at it.

We all have charities or organizations we love and support, or people we know need just a little extra. So, we decided to bring them together! Let's have fun doing challenges and making a difference to better our lives, communities, and WORLD! We want to invite our communities to get involved and make a difference. We want the whole “challenge world” to be transformed to more than a pass time. Let’s have fun with challenges all the while proving that every lit bit helps. That showing WatchUGot and contributing to a cause at the same time will create a whole new experience.


You Ask, We Answer...

  • 1. Do I have to donate to do a challenge?

    Nope, enter any challenge you would like.

  • 2. Can I create my own challenge?

    Yep, create your own challenge and invite your friends under “closed group” challenge.

  • 3. What is “Free Form” challenge?

    We create random challenges for all the challengers with no donations needed, just fun.

  • 4. Can I sponsor a challenge?

    Yep, we would love to hear from you and raise awareness together.

  • 5. How is my donation shared with charity?

    We don’t hold any funds and everything goes directly to the charities.

  • 6. Are there any fees applied by WatchUGot?

    Yep, there is a 4% admin fee which covers third party transaction, server, and general admin fees.

Get in touch with us

We would love to hear from you (challenger, sponsor, charity or organization), please share your questions, comments and your challenge ideas with us. Download the app and start showing the world WatchUGot

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